Focus on the Future Vol. 3 (11)

by | Jun 27, 2013 | Focus on the Future Vol. 3, Videos

In November 2011 the United Nations of the world decided to give to the Palestinians, meaning Arabs who live in Israel, permission to have a state and that state would be called Palestine. One hundred thirty-eight nations voted for it, nine nations voted against it and forty-one nations abstained from voting. Now, when you read the Bible, the prophet Joel, you read something that will surprise you.

When people want to establish a state by the name of Palestine that God has promised to Israel that will invoke God’s anger. And He will bring the nations to judgment. What does this unfulfilled prophecy in Joel 3:1-2 tell us? Does the Valley of Jehoshaphat still exists today and if so, where is it located? What exactly is going to happen there? When and why? Why will it affect all nations and not only the Romans? The demons that possessed the two very violent men, living on a graveyard that you can read about in Matthew 8:28-29 know exactly what is in store for them. How can this be? What for and of who exactly are they so afraid of? Why have the Jewish people suffered so much in the last two thousand years? Why are the nations striving so fiercely to divide up the land of Israel? The land promised to the people of Israel by the God of Israel! Will this frightening situation ever end? How and why will it end and especially who will put an end to it? Rev Willem Glashouwer explains all about it in this week’s episode (11) of the new series (3) of Focus on the Future.