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Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu: From Commando to Commander

Dr H. V. Evatt (Australia) president of the United Nations welcomed Israel as a UN member May 11, 1949 at 3p.m. Fifty four Governments, including forty-five Members recognised Israel in their vote. Fifty years before Theodore Herzl envisaged the Jewish state. This UN decision was seen as ‘awesome’, ‘significant’ and an acknowledgement of  international ‘equality.’

Corona Virus Impact

Corona Virus, Israel and the End Times

The Corona Virus epidemic has dominated international headlines for months and has resulted in over 300’000 deaths globally as of May 2020. Looking beyond the headlines, this article will look briefly at the dark agendas which are trying to manipulate the crisis for their own gains, before turning to the exciting news of what God has been doing in this season in Israel and the nations.

Model of inside the Tabernacle in the Wilderness

The Fervent Fellowship with God — An Overview of the Tabernacle – Part 4

Every morning and evening, the High Priest would enter through the second veil which was the entrance to the Holy Place. Each time he had to bring fresh hot coals from the sacrificial altar along with a special mix of incense for the golden altar, and he had to refill the crushed, pure oil in the seven lamps of the Menorah and trim the wicks so it would keep burning.

Aerial view of East Jerusalem

Unbalanced anti-Israel letter World Council of Churches

A few weeks ago the World Council of Churches in Geneva (WCC) sent a letter to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of all countries that are part of the European Union. In this letter they appeal for a firm and principled stance by the European Union against any annexation by the State of Israel.

Jesus depicted entering Jerusalem a week before Passover

The Amazing Foreshadowing of the Passover

The word co-incidence is, according to the rabbis, not a kosher word. Indeed, as we examine the striking parallels between the Passover and Jesus’ death for us on the cross, we can see nothing less than the very hand of God at work orchestrating the details according to His sovereign plan.

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Christians for Israel (C4I) is a non-denominational movement. We believe that Christians of all denominations and backgrounds should be united in their love for the Jewish people, in their support for the nation of Israel and in their collective repentance because of Jewish suffering throughout Church history.

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Bring Biblical understanding in the Church and among the nations of God’s purposes for Israel and promote comfort of His people through prayer and action.

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