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Focus on the Future Vol. 1

Focus on the Future (2)

When you read the Bible you see that creation will eventually evolve into the Kingdom of God. In Luke 21:20 Jesus speaks about the future. Jerusalem will be trampled on by the gentiles until the times of the gentiles are fulfilled.

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Focus on the Future (8)

Everyone wants to know, what will the future hold? What’s going to happen, tomorrow and next year? Where will planet earth go, what will be my personal future? And some people even go that far that they open their newspaper and look at their horoscope. The signs of the Zodiac. Rev. Willem Glashouwer talks about the one that really holds the future. The creator of heaven and earth. Almighty God, the God of Israel, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Focus on the Future (9)

Jesus teaches His disciples to understand the signs of the times. The signs of the times are the things happening around you and when you watch them, you must be able to interpret them, so that you know where this all will lead to. They understand that this first coming of Jesus would not lead to His glory, to His Kingdom. And so they understand that one day He will come back. To be the glorious King, to establish His Kingdom.

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Focus on the Future (10)

Rev. Glashouwer explains about the relationship between Jews and Arabs that started with Ismael and Isaac. Isaac, born as a miracle of God. The blessings of Ismael and Isaac, also the suffering of Isaac and Israel, as a result of being chosen. The suffering of Christ and the Church. The core of the problems in the Middle East. But the glorious future will be that one day everyone shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, for ever and ever.

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Focus on the Future (11)

Rev. Willem Glashouwer uses examples from today’s news in relation to Biblical texts to explain about unfulfilled prophecies. Books on prophecy containing schedules with orders of events can block you from really seeing what is happening today.

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Focus on the Future (12)

Rev. Glashouwer explains about the countries that form the second ring around Israel that will suddenly attack Israel in that day, when His people Israel is living in safety. He read from Ezekiel 38 and 39. The prophecy is about Gog of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal.

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