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Focus on the Future Vol. 3

Focus on the Future Vol. 3 (2)

When people try to look at the future they read the Bible and rightly so! Because the Bible is the only Holy Book of any religion that contains prophecy. And prophecy is history written in advance, clear, with a lot of details. Simply describing all kinds of events that are happening and will happen in the future. Now some people try to put these future events in a kind of prophetic roadmap, a kind of timetable. Is that the right thing to do?

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Focus on the Future Vol. 3 (8)

When you look at the future the Bible speaks very clearly about the end times. And part of the end times is also about the coming of what the Bible calls: “antichrist”. The word antichrist has two parts. The word anti and Christ. Anti in Greek means “instead of”, “in the place of”. So antichrist means “a christ” instead of Christ. “A Christ” in the place of Christ.

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Focus on the Future Vol. 3 (9)

The Bible is a wonderful book! It speaks about to future too, so we focus on the future. It is a shame that the Book of Revelation has remained such a closed Book throughout world history. Even today, Pastors don’t preach from the Book of Revelation, maybe only the first three chapters, but that’s it. There are many sects who have all kinds of eschatological science fiction like theories.

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Focus on the Future Vol. 3 (10)

When you look at the map of the world you see many countries. There are over two hundred countries spread all over the world, all with their own boundaries and so forth. In these lands there live people. Now take for instance Kenya, you live in Kenya and so you’re called a Kenyan. But you could very well be a member of a tribe in Kenya maybe Kikuyu. So you are a Kikuyu, but you’re also a Kenyan because you live in the land of Kenya.

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Focus on the Future Vol. 3 (11)

In November 2011 the United Nations of the world decided to give to the Palestinians, meaning Arabs who live in Israel, permission to have a state and that state would be called Palestine. One hundred thirty-eight nations voted for it, nine nations voted against it and forty-one nations abstained from voting. Now, when you read the Bible, the prophet Joel, you read something that will surprise you.

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Focus on the Future Vol.3 (12)

When people look at the future and look at Jerusalem they sometimes ask: “Will there be another Temple?” The first Temple stood in the heart of Jerusalem. It was the Temple of King Solomon. It stood in the centre of Mount Zion. Then the Babylonians came, destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple and took the Jews into captivity. It has happened between 600 and 500 BCE. After that, the Second Temple was built.

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