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Focus on the Future Vol. 2

Focus on the Future Vol. 2 (1)

Why end times? When people read their daily newspaper they wonder, in what times are we living? Where is this world heading for? What next is coming towards us? You see all these very quick changes in the world; you see the changes in the Middle East.

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Focus on the Future Vol. 2 (2)

The Bible clearly teaches us that we are in the end times. The things that are happening in the world around us that you daily see on the news have to do with the end times. The signs of the times are coming more and more visible.

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Focus on the Future Vol. 2 (3)

A lot is happening in the world today. In every country, all kinds of developments are going on and mostly not for good! Today you see Christianity quickly fading away in Holland. It’s fading away in Europe and in all other parts of the world too. Christianity is fading away and so are the values of the Bible. Other spirits come in and take over the spiritual vacuum. Crime is setting in more and more.

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Focus on the Future Vol. 2 (4)

We are living in the final days of this phase of world history. And the Bible calls these days the last days. And the last hour of these last days will be characterized by the coming of a figure that the Bible calls the antichrist. The lawless one, the beast, as the apostle John speaks about him.

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Focus on the Future Vol. 2 (5)

Why end times? People are wondering about it when they see the developments in the world today. And in this series of programs we have been talking about the last hour of the last days. The last days started when Jesus came to planet earth.

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Focus on the Future Vol. 2 (6)

Why “end times”? Why are we living in the days the Bible calls “the end times”? In this video, Rev Willem Glashouwer is speaking about Matthew 24, when His disciples ask Jesus: “how do we know that you will come again in glory?” The disciples already understand that this first coming of Jesus to planet earth will not lead to His beautiful Kingdom in Glory.

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Focus on the Future Vol. 2 (7)

The end times started to develop since the first coming of Jesus on the earth. These final days will have a final hour and that final hour will mean that one day a worldwide empire will arise with a figurehead on top of it that the Bible calls the antichrist, or the beast or the lawless one.

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