Focus on the Future (5)

by | Sep 11, 2011 | Focus on the Future Vol. 1, Videos

Rev. Willem Glashouwer explains about the European Union, the prophet Daniel, Nebuchadnezzars dream about the statue, the Babylonian, Persian, Greek and Roman empires. The influence these empires had on culture, science, technology, democracy, beauty, art and military power. But the final empire that will rise in the end times, will have it all. It will have a dictator, as never before, it will have laws. The spirit of that empire will be of democracy, of science and technology, of beauty and art.

We owe it to the Greeks that we also have the Olympic games, sports, beautiful statues, it is all coming from the Greeks. And then the military might that the Roman Empire had. You see in the end as it were, this whole statue, all the empires with their characteristics combined, arise as one final worldwide empire. And then this empire – like it says in Daniel 2: a rock will come from the mountain- will be destroyed. Meaning, Jesus Christ will come and finish this final empire and establish His kingdom that will last forever and ever!