Willem Glashouwer

Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer is the President of Christians for Israel International. He holds an honorary knighthood bestowed upon him by Beatrix, former Queen of the Netherlands and is Honorary President of the European Coalition for Israel. He is also an ordained minister of the Dutch Reformed Church and a former director of the Evangelical Broadcasting Company in the Netherlands. Rev. Glashouwer has played a key role in the establishment of the Dutch Institute for Evangelical Higher Education and in addition to several books, articles and Bible studies on Israel and the Christian faith, has published a commentary on the Book of Revelation. He is married to Marianne and they have four children and seven grandchildren.

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XII Theses on Israel – Thesis 6

Thesis 6: We believe that there is the mystery of the hardening in part of Israel for our sake, but that there is also the blindness of the Church for Israel, and a veil over the nations with regard to Israel.

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XII Theses on Israel – Thesis 5 

Thesis 5: We believe that the Lord will be faithful to all the Covenants He made with Israel, as well as to all the promises He gave to the Church. We confess that the LORD is faithful to all of His Covenants with Israel....

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XII Theses on Israel: Thesis 3

It is our strong conviction that the Church has not replaced or superseded Israel in God’s economy. The presupposition that the promises that were given to Israel now have been transferred to the Church is a terrible aberration and a sin before God.

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XII Theses on Israel – Thesis 2

Thesis 2: We believe that the Church and the nations should bless Israel. It is our calling to bless Israel, for we owe our salvation to the Firstborn Son of this nation. Through Jesus the Jew we, as believers from the nations, are...

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XII Theses on Israel – Thesis 1

We believe that Israel was created and chosen by God to bless the nations. As members of the body of Jesus Christ we believe and confess that God has chosen Abraham, Isaac and Jacob because He wanted to bless all the nations of the world in and through them.

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