Unstoppable: The Creation of Palestine

November 20, 2021

Surrogate Europe is in labour. The baby will be named Palestine. The due date: 2030

On September 20, 2021, an article was published that should stop us in our tracks—and spur into action—every Christian who understands that there is a fight raging to reverse the restoration of Israel to her Land. It was headlined:

EU plans to spend 3 billion Euros creating a de-facto Palestinian state by 2030. (www.worldisraelnews.com/eu-plans-to-spend-3-billion-euros-creating-a-de-facto-palestinian-state-by-2030/)

The European Union, reported World Israel News (WIN) staffer Donna Rachel Edmunds, has elected to circumvent the stalled Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and take it upon itself to build the state on the Arabs’ behalf.

Substantiating the report, quotes from both Israeli and Arab sources reveal that:

  • Europe is actively promoting and bankrolling the construction of Palestinian Arab settlements in the parts of Judea and Samaria designated as ‘Area C’. (As agreed to by the Palestinian signatories to the Oslo Accords, these areas are under exclusive Israeli control.)
  • The EU has assigned segments of the Jews’ ancestral land in Area C to individual European states, tasking each with drafting plans and allocating budgets for construction there.
  • Completely ignoring the Israeli government, which is the legal authority, these European states have dispatched architects and contractors to their areas to facilitate the building.
  • So far, 120 million Euros have been poured into Arab construction in Area C, with Germany this past September 13 announcing its intention to plough 100 million more into Palestinian projects, including in Area C.
  • The Palestinian Authority—whose frayed political fortunes are being frantically propped up by nations fearful of a Hamas takeover of “Palestine”—thanked “the government and people of Germany for their… continuing commitment to the rights of the Palestinian people…to establish their independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital….”
  • Europe’s blatantly criminal intrusion into Israel’s affairs has gone on for years. According to the Israeli NGO Regavim, by 2015 the EU had constructed more than 400 buildings in 27 locations throughout Samaria and Judea. Called ’the EU settlements’ by locals, the structures flew EU flags to dissuade Israel from demolishing them.
  • The Israeli monitor Ad Kan, states that the EU decided this year “to move from pilot plan to implementation, and then wait to see the Israeli response to actual construction.”
  • Europe’s conduct is illicit, arrogant and blatantly one-sided, as the article notes. An argument often resorted to by Israel’s multitudinous critics is that the Jewish state is establishing facts on the ground with its own settlement construction—and that this is illegal under international law. This is a lie. International law in fact supports Jewish close settlement of all the region west of the Jordan River. At the same time, these anti-Zionists completely ignore the EU’s barefaced funding of proscribed Palestinian construction that entrenches the Arab occupation.

Palestine’s tentacles are spreading over the Mountains of Israel, across the Samarian and Judean hills and into its valleys. It is proliferating on both sides of Highway 60—“The Way of the Patriarchs” walked by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Towns are mushrooming, their glittering new mosques surrounded by mansions, villas, and transplanted date-palm groves. Apartment blocks abound, many of them shells without windows or connected utilities—erected solely to affirm the Arab proclamation, “We are here and we will build.”

What the WIN report uncovers is that the birth of the illegitimate State of Palestine (a birth, not a rebirth, because it’s never existed before and has no historical or legal leg to stand on) is well underway, with the EU its surrogate mother.

The child is in the birth canal; the contractions are intensifying; the due date is now marked on the world’s calendar. Eight years from now—unless God intervenes—the nation that has never been a nation will have its independent state; right in the heart of the Land of Israel.

Drive from Jerusalem’s northern suburbs, through the checkpoint, and head past Gibeah, Bethel, Ai and Shiloh. As you journey, a shocking fact becomes inescapable: It is now both politically and physically impossible to prevent the establishment of this state.

Twenty years ago the door could have been slammed on it.

The Second Intifada, from September 2000, demonstrated the unworkability, immorality and sheer, wishful-thinking stupidity of “Land for Peace”. The Israeli left was a mass casualty of that war—its ethos exposed as delusional.

The 9-11 attack gave Americans a taste of the terror so often inflicted on Israel. It didn’t last, but for a little while there was some understanding, some comprehension, a little empathy across the Atlantic.

Even 10 years ago—almost a decade after the US enslaved itself to the notion of a “Two State Solution”—some hope remained of scuttling it. Binyamin Netanyahu was at the helm of a right-leaning Israel, while the violence-fomenting Arabs were divided between the inept PA and a widely abhorred Hamas.

The Arabs’ century-long spurning of the Jews’ outstretched hand gave rise to the adage that “the Palestinians have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

For as long as this was true, it guaranteed the stillbirth of their state.

The thing is, it remains true. Israel has no “partner for peace”. It hasn’t for years.

The Arabs are more deeply divided than ever; split between the ascendent Hamas, volubly promoting itself as the defender and protector of Jerusalem and al-Aqsa, and the increasingly unpopular PA leadership, whose last election was in 2006 and which is reluctant to hold another for the very real fear that Hamas would win. (www.algemeiner.com/2021/05/12/hamas-wants-to-be-crowned-the-guardian-of-jerusalem/)

The new coalition government in Jerusalem is critically dysfunctional.

Negotiations remain gridlocked.

So, we have this intensifying situation on the ground, where the EU has picked up the ball, taken up the ‘Palestinian cause’ and decided that they will drive it and will birth this state.

Israel has no say in the matter.

The EU is succeeding—and here is the upsetting truth: they are succeeding and they will have victory not least because so many Christians who are Israel-aware (a sad minority in the Church to begin with) have had their attention arrested by diversions. We are fighting other battles, battles against things that affect us, our countries, our societies.

Covid and Climate Change preoccupy us. Gog and Magog and “the Rapture” excite our expectations. The Enemy, however, is not diverted. He is totally focused; his forces are fully engaged.

A cry goes up from Jerusalem: “Where are the watchmen on my walls?”

“I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the LORD, do not keep silent…” (Isaiah 62:6)

Stan Goodenough

Stan Goodenough: is a South African gentile who has lived in Jerusalem for a quarter of a century. A Christian journalist, writer and tour guide, he believes passionately that Australia is being offered a unique opportunity to lead the way in supporting Israel’s God given and legitimate right to extend sovereignty over its restored land.

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