Biblical Harp Workshop in Ruins

Biblical Harp Workshop In Ruins
Shoshanna and Micah Harari at their burned workshop in Moshav Ramat Raziel, near Jerusalem. Photo by Yonatan Sindel | Flash90

Massive forest fires raged in Israel in August. After three days of battling the wildfires, the biggest fire in over 10 years, the fire was finally under control and residents could return. More than 2,000 people had been evacuated.

The huge wildfire destroyed 6,200 acres of land in the Jerusalem Hills. There are growing suspicions that the fire was deliberately started. Houses were destroyed by the fire, others lost their life’s work.

Micha and Shoshanna Harari Micha and Shoshanna Harari, residents of the small moshav of Ramat Razel, discovered that their Biblical Harp workshop and gallery, King David Harps, with all the instruments that were made by hand over the past 40 years, had been completely destroyed by the fire.

“Everything was burnt, the gallery and the workshop. There is nothing left of it,” Micha told Channel 12 News. Harari had to flee for his life as the flames raced towards the community.

When the fire broke out, I was in my workshop, which is 150 meters away from the house,” he said. “I saw the flames getting closer. My wife and I immediately fled. We didn’t even have time to pack a bag, or bring clothes or food. We had to leave as soon as possible.”

No Compensation

He posted images on his Facebook page of the approaching flames and the devastation left behind.

“When I saw my life’s work burn to the ground, I was crushed,” Micha said. “Everything is completely gone; nothing is left of it.”

Soshana explains about their work: “For these past 40 years we have been building the Biblical Harps of David according to the information of the Bible, archeology, and the ancient Jewish writings. When we first started to build them, they were declared to be the first Biblical harps to be made in 2000 years. They are our national instrument and one of the recognizable symbols of Israel.”

The insurance company had refused to insure the workshop because of its proximity to the forest and the fire risk that entails. “They understood before the disaster that there was a risk that such a fire could occur here”. For this reason, the Harari’s will receive no compensation for their destroyed life’s work.

The Harari’s are determined to rebuild their workshop: “With hope in our hearts, we are now moving into a renewal phase to make this, instead of a tragedy, a new opportunity… to bring King David Harps back in an even better way.”

We would like to help the Harari family make a new start in their life and help them to fulfil their calling. In total, the damage amounts to around AU $161,000. Any amount, no matter how small, is much needed. Will you help this family to make a new start?

If you’d like to give towards this project you can make a general donation online and add a note to the form stating that the donation is for the ‘Biblical Harp Appeal.’

May God bless you as you give generously.

Christians for Israel, Australia

Christians for Israel exists to bring Biblical understanding in the Church concerning God’s purposes for Israel and to promote comfort of Israel through prayer and action.

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