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Is Syria, an End Times Rehearsal?

Did you know at least one Arab source declares Israel has just seven years before being wiped off the map? Bassam Jarrar, a Palestinian Sunni Islamic scholar published ‘End of Israel 2022’ in Arabic. It was translated by Jarrar wrote the rst draft...

Hatred Towards Israel

The Church and the nations have a bloody history as far as Israel is concerned. To our shame and misery, and possibly because of it, Satan has used the Church in his attempt to destroy the Jewish People.

Israel and the Church

Many Christians over the centuries, and even today, say that Israel was God’s chosen people until the moment they said “no” to Jesus. And then their place was taken by this new people of God, all those who believe in Jesus. The Apostle Paul, however, demonstrates that this is – and cannot be – the case.

Salting Australia for 2017

Salting Australia for 2017

Dear Aussie brothers and sisters in Messiah. Prayerful (gentile) New Year’s greetings from a wintery Land of Israel. 2017 will be on us before we know it, with a remarkable confluence of events set for that year that could powerfully impact Australia’s future before...
Stringing Pearls

Stringing Pearls

What exactly is ‘stringing pearls’? Yeshua taught from the Old Covenant Scriptures and He used techniques that were common practice by Rabbis and teachers for hundreds of years. One of those techniques (stringing pearls) was called ‘Gezerah Shevah’ or...